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As of January 2013, SLAINTE will no longer be updated and this website will be an archive of joint SLIC and CILIPS initiatives. For current information about the individual organisations, please go directly to the SLIC and CILIPS websites.

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Slainte is an acronym for Scottish Libraries Across the Internet.

Slainte is also a Scots Gaelic word: slàinte (slan·tchuh): A drinking toast; Cheers [Gaelic: health] - Collins English dictionary

Scots use the word "cheers" as a general way of saying "thanks" and "you're welcome"; we hope you find this service welcoming and friendly!

Who is SLAINTE aimed at?

SLAINTE is aimed at library and information workers throughout Scotland.

How did SLAINTE begin?

SLAINTE began life in 1995 as a means of publishing a directory Scottish library and information resources (SLIR) online. During 1997-1999, the service was hosted by Napier University in Edinburgh, and underwent significant expansion and development. The Scottish authors service was implemented, based on another SLA printed publication, Discovering Scottish writers, as well as a number of other services.

In 2002, SLAINTE web pages were redesigned and a new search engine added. In 2007 SLAINTE was restructured using cascading style sheets and a google search added for web pages.

Scotland's Information Scotland's Information
use our map to find libraries, museums and archives
Research Collections Online Research Collections Online
subject strength listings for the larger general libraries in Scotland
Scottish Library & Information Resources Scottish Library and Information Resources
find a library, librarian, museum or archive
Scottish Distributed Digital Library Scottish Distributed Digital Library
digital collections with Scottish themes
Scottish Collections Online Scottish Collections Network
an online catalogue of collections held in Scottish libraries, museums and archives
Co-operative Information Retrieval Network for Scotland Co-operative Information Retrieval Network for Scotland
a one-stop shop for finding materials held in the collections of many libraries in Scotland
blog blog
following organisational and general library developments
flickr flickr
SLIC and CILIPS image archive
SlideShare slideshare
presentations from CPD events and activities
Twitter twitter
follow our updates on twitter

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