EDUG meets annually, and at other times when required.

The 2015 meeting will take place on 16-17 April 2015 at the Biblioteca di Area Umanistica (BRAU), Naples, Italy. It will be preceded by a workshop on mapping Dewey to other systems on 15-16 April 2015.

Minutes of annual meetings

  • 2014 (22-23 May 2014, National and University Library of Iceland, Reykjavík, Iceland)
  • 2013 (12 Apr 2013, National Library of Norway, Oslo, Norway)
  • 2012 (27 Apr 2012, British Library, Boston Spa, United Kingdom)
  • 2011 (8 Apr 2011, Kungliga Biblioteket, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • 2010 (26 Apr 2010, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt - revised)
  • 2009 (27 Apr 2009, Austrian National Library, Vienna)
  • 2008 (9 Apr 2008, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Frankfurt am Main)
  • 2007 (12 Jun 2007, Swiss National Library, Bern)

Presentations made to seminars

22 May 2014

Dewey-flokkunarkerfið - trending DDC topics in Iceland and other parts of Europe

11 Apr 2013

Building the future of DDC: Translations, technology and transition 2003-2013. Symposium, National Library of Norway, Oslo, Norway.

26 Apr 2012

Classification: leveraging the power of hidden knowledge. Symposium, British Library, Boston Spa, United Kingdom.

6 Apr 2011

The Dewey journey in Europe – a case study of classification in the 21st century. Symposium, Kungliga biblioteket - National Library of Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden.

27 Apr 2010

Bridging the class(ification) divide: the new DDC languages and retrieval possibilities. Symposium, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt.

28 Apr 2009

Dewey goes Europe: on the use and development of the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) in European libraries. Symposium, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna, Austria.

10 Apr 2008

New perspectives on subject indexing and classification in an international context: international symposium in honour of Magda Heiner-Freiling, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

12 Jun 2007

Swiss National Library, Bern, Switzerland.