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Generic Learning Objects (GLO)

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  1. Information Handling
  2. The Information Task
  3. The Paper Information Source
  4. Books
  5. Newspapers and Journals
  6. Dictionaries
  7. Encyclopaedias
  8. Atlases and Maps
  9. The People Information Source
  10. The Electronic Information Source
  11. Internet and WWW
  12. Search Engines, Directories and Portals
  13. Discussion Groups and Lists
  14. Choosing the Keywords
  15. How to Search Paper Sources
  16. Alphabetisation
  17. Indexes
  18. How to Search People Sources
  19. How to Search Electronic Sources
  20. Combining Keywords for Electronic Information Sources
  21. URL's the Web Address System
  22. The Need for Evaluation of Information
  23. Choosing Evaluation Criteria
  24. Evaluating Suitability
  25. Evaluating Currency
  26. Evaluating Reliability
  27. IPR, Copyright and Plagiarism
  28. Referencing your Sources
  29. Reviewing the Whole Process
  30. Creating the Action Plan
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Scottish Distributed Digital Library Scottish Distributed Digital Library
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Scottish Collections Online Scottish Collections Network
an online catalogue of collections held in Scottish libraries, museums and archives
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