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Reader Development is a term, coined in the early 90s, to describe the work that libraries, schools and bookshops do to encourage readers to break out of their reading habits and try something new. The aim is to help people towards good reading experiences. This is possibly the most democratic form of audience development because it’s not trying to dictate what people should read, it’s just trying to help them choose something they’ll enjoy based on challenging their assumptions about what they like. It’s about improving choices by improving awareness.

A Reader Development Coordinator has been appointed from each of the 32 library authorities in Scotland. They are undergoing a two year programme of training, coaching and practical experience in Reader Development techniques.
Reader Development is relatively new to Scotland and the idea of working from a reader centred perspective needs to be introduced across a range of other agencies. This helps them to understand what we are doing and also increases the effectiveness of cross agency Reader Development work.
A website will be set up in 2003 to aid the distribution of best practice ideas and provide a forum for all parties to inform the wider Reader Development community of what they are up to.
Aims and Outcomes:
View the aims and outcomes of the Readership Development project as outlined in the project proposal.

Text by Matthew Perren (Readership Development Officer, 2002)

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